BetterYou Australia

BetterYou Australia is an innovative health care company specialising in oral vitamin sprays and transdermal magnesium products. Founded in the UK by Andrew Thomas in 2006. It wasn’t until 2018 in which our signature products landed onto Australian shores. Providing Australians, particularly those who experience malabsorption issues or difficulty swallowing pills, a much-needed alternative delivery method.

BetterYou was the first company in the world to develop topically applied magnesium and oral vitamin sprays. Working with some of the world’s leading research institutions to continuously investigate the best methods of vitamin and mineral absorption. We work with the universities of Cardiff, Ulster and Sheffield, St Mark’s Hospital in London and Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

With each new innovation, we continue to meet the growing needs of our customers’ nutritional requirements. Providing scientifically formulated products that use the highest quality ingredients and the most effective and convenient delivery methods possible.

As BetterYou Australia continues to grow, our passion for developing exceptional health supplements remains unwavering.

Why we are different

Today we understand that traditional tablet and capsule supplementation relies upon the digestive system from which absorption cannot be guaranteed.  With the dramatic rise in digestive malabsorption issues such as IBS, Crohns and coeliac disease an alternative delivery method to take vitamin supplements was essential.

Oral Spray Range

Oral Vitamin Sprays

Oral spray technology has been used medically for many years but until now it has not been harnessed for nutritional supplementation. Our vitamin oral sprays provide a fast, effective and convenient delivery method and are used by healthcare professionals all over the world.

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Magnesium Range

Transdermal Magnesium

Research has shown that applying magnesium chloride directly onto the skin provides higher absorption rates than traditional tablet and capsule supplementation.  

Find out more about our range of magnesium products here


The Better Planet Project

BetterYou is environmentally conscious and proud of it, we have spent that last 12 months developing a range of recycled and carbon negative packaging in order to dramatically reduce our impact on the environment. Our products do not contain palm oil and where possible are made from recycled ocean waste plastic.  With the end goal of creating a 100% carbon negative packaging that is all 100% recyclable across our entire product range.  Helping the world to become more sustainable with every BetterYou bottle used.

Award Winning Supplements

Awards have never driven us but it is wonderful to know that our customers and peers understand and appreciate what we do.

Most Innovative Brand Award 2019 award 5 vic health awards award 6