Oral Vitamin Sprays

Oral Vitamin Sprays

BetterYou Oral Vitamin Sprays are a pill free delivery method, perfect for those who find it difficult to swallow tablets or have digestive issues. With each spray, tiny droplets enter the mouth and are absorbed immediately into the blood stream. Scientifically proven, BetterYou Oral Vitamin Sprays are an effective, convenient and pill free alternative to traditional vitamin tablets or capsules. 


✅ Pill Free and delicious

✅ Faster absorption than tablets*

✅ Immediately absorbed into the blood stream 

✅ Perfect for those who have digestive issues

✅ Convenient and easy to use.

✅A solution for those who find swallowing tablets difficult

*M. Sattar et al. / International Journal of Pharmaceutics 471 (2014) 498–506

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